We're Proud to make a difference

We're Proud to make a difference

We're Proud to make a differenceWe're Proud to make a differenceWe're Proud to make a difference

is Education a right or a PRIVILEGE? Help us decide today



Our names are Emma Szanyi and Kanwulia Onianwa and we are juniors at Eastside Catholic. As you may know, girls who cannot afford hygiene products often cannot proceed with their daily activities because of the burden of their periods. This restricts them from getting the education they deserve. 

We are partnering with a local non-profit, Fanikia Foundation, to raise money to make hygiene kits for girls in Tanzania and end period poverty. 

We are hoping to provide support for a school of 200 girls. Each kit will contain reusable hygiene pads, soap, a washcloth, and a drawstring bag. This kit will provide hygiene support for 3 years! 

We would love for your help to fund for the materials needed to sew the pads/bags and make the kits!


To promote and support community-based education for underprivileged girls and women in Tanzania. We sustain poverty reduction and economic independance achievement for woman and girls. We are gender conscious and work towards gender equality and human rights for all.


To develop sustainable female leaders.

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E-mail: info@fanikiafoundation.org

​Telephone: 425-247-5341