Drive To Higher Education

Creating a brighter future for our kids

Drive to Higher Education is one of Fanikia Foundation programs.  This program assists US immigrants to strive for higher education by providing information about resources such as scholarship, grants and other pre-college opportunities. This program was formed because immigrants have difficulties adjusting to the college education system in the US and therefore fail to enroll or graduate.

This program is vital because we can all agree that in today’s world it is almost impossible to live a financially secure and content life without a college education.  Higher education for immigrants has major effect on the US economy, society and environment. We all know that a better educated population benefits all citizens: improves the well-being of the population as a whole, reduces dependence on government, provides opportunity for individual growth and etc.  

We need to better understand what immigrant experience when entering college. Immigrants face major barriers trying to access higher education.  Immigrants age 25 and older have lower levels of educational attainment. Almost two-thirds of these immigrants have no more than a high school education. Immigrants age 18–24 have high school graduation and college enrollment rates that are lower than non immigrants. Other barriers immigrants students face are: limited finances, work and family responsibilities, new culture, new language and a lack of knowledge about US college systems.

Access to higher education is a critical and a huge challenge for many immigrant communities. According to research and surveys conducted by our foundation, most immigrants experience challenges or barriers that discourage and hinder their development and dreams. Their talent and creative skills have been kept on hold and stuck, consequently, blocking their power to create the world they want.

Fanikia focuses on lack of information and resources regarding pre-college scholarship opportunities because the lack of information about college admissions and financial aid processes is the largest barrier for immigrants who wish to attend college.

We believe this program will increase higher education access for immigrants. The founder of this program understands the problem because she is from the same background. She joined the US education system at the college level and experienced the same barriers through her transition. Therefore, this program captures and addresses the complexities and experience of the target individuals and communities.

This program is dedicated to create and sustain a community of immigrants with a passion to advance education to other immigrants by providing: credible higher education information resources, development programs and strategies focused on increasing immigrant enrollment in college. Fanikia’s vision is that by increasing the number of college-educated immigrants we develop more sustainable leaders.