We provide boarding and education to underprivileged girls.

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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” - Nelson Mandela

Our Team

Fanikia Foundation Founder Julliet Lwakatare

Julliet Lwakatare

Julliet Lwakatare

Julliet Lwakatare

Founder of Fanikia Foundation, Seattle USA

"Ending poverty has been one of my dreams and long term goals."


Jason Turyahabwa

Julliet Lwakatare

Julliet Lwakatare

Program Coordinator, Tanzania Africa


Dr Flora Ngwalali-Lwakatare

Dr Flora Ngwalali-Lwakatare

Dr Flora Ngwalali-Lwakatare

Director, Tanzania Africa


Jacky Stivin

Dr Flora Ngwalali-Lwakatare

Dr Flora Ngwalali-Lwakatare

Assistant program coordinator ,  Tanzania Africa

We couldn't do this without our incredible, volunteers

Dr. Sharon Norris -  Advisor

Mary Lugina - Program Advisor

David Cummings - Web Design

Daryl Storey - Graphic Design 

Irene Scheck - Assistant

Paige Rathbun - Graphic and Web Design

Who We Are

About the organization

Fanikia Foundation is a registered nonprofit organization in state of Washington, United States, and was incorporated as a 501(c)3 in 2016. We provide support to underprivileged individuals and communities to improve quality of their lives through education, training, information and etc. in Tanzania and United States. Our major goal is to eliminate poverty and to empower individuals in our target communities. Different strategies are needed to tackle these issues. We partner with like-minded organizations to eliminate poverty and illiteracy.

Currently we are focusing on two programs: Educate a Girl, mainly based in Tanzania and Drive to Higher Education, mainly based in the United States.

Our History

The Fanikia Foundation was conceived in 2010, conceptually formalized in 2014 and registered as a Washington state non-profit foundation in 2015 by Julliet Lwakatare. The purpose of the foundation is to address issues underprivileged girls and women in Tanzania face in attaining quality education, social advancement and financial independence.  This is particularly important to Julliet because she was born and raised in Tanzania. She relocated to the United States just 12 years ago.  It is essential to understand that Tanzania is among the poorest countries in the world. 

Julliet has always been concerned about the persistence of poverty in the community where she grew up. Ending poverty has been one of her dreams and long term goals. She knew that in order to fulfill her dreams, she needed to gain knowledge and skills. She worked hard to earn her undergraduate degree at Makerere University in Uganda, majoring in Environment Management. It was while pursuing her undergraduate degree that she fully comprehended the challenges of the poverty issue, which motivated her to pursue more knowledge and skills. She decided to join a graduate program at Antioch University in Seattle, majoring in Environment and Community. Her two years at Antioch unlocked doors for Julliet, and helped her to become more aware of how she could make this world a better place for women like her. She recognized that the world needs new visionary leaders in order to address illiteracy and poverty in this complex, modern and technological age.  The only concrete way forward is to ensure younger generations have access to quality education.

These opportunities and experiences made Julliet feel it was her responsibility to go out into her community and put her experience and ideas into action. She formed the Fanikia Foundation as part of her mission to support underprivileged young girls (one girl at a time) in gaining easy access to quality education, and her vision of developing sustainable leaders. Julliet believes that education is the bedrock of progress.